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The End is Near

Sorry for the wierd double post deal. The first day, it kept loading and loading but wouldn't post or shut down...so I figured that blogger ate my post. Turns out, I was wrong!

Zeeby's bag from SnB is ALMOST done. I have a strap and a half left to do, then I just need to sew it together. And it's only half a year late! (Sorry, Mom.)

I'm about to run out of yarn though, which means an emergency trip for some more Lamb's Pride. *looks sheepish* Heh. Sheepish. Pun. Um, anyway, yeah, the two skeins of MC I think is going to be not quite enough. Gah.

Mostly, it will be used as a strap, and to sew together, so I'm not overly concerned about dye lots, I'm just not sure where to find Lamb's Pride in this area, and I'd really like to have this all done and wrapped up to give to my Mom as soon as I get home on Sunday. Otherwise, I can buy the extra yarn at home on Monday and then give it to her before I leave on Tuesday.

I've made progress on Broadripple, too, am through the gusset and into the toe. YAY! I've signed up for netflix, in order to facilitate the knitting. I shall have DVDs to watch, and doctors appointments to wait for, and much knitting shall be accomplished. And Christmas/Channukah/Winter Solstice shall be good this year. It shall, it shall.

Pictures will be coming soon.



Size two dpns make my wrists want to cry.

Broadripple makes me smile, though. So....I supose the wrists will live.



Size two double pointed needles make my wrists want to cry.

The sock is quite pretty, though, and makes me want to smile. :)

My apartment has been taken over by yarn. I must knit faster. Or hide. Whichever. ;)



Haven't accomplished much, was distracted by wallowing in self-pity and my mother being in town.

Did knit some more on the blanket, which is lovely. Very pretty, in a manly sort of way.

I may have to make myself one in some very bright, girly colors when I am done.


Stash Enhancement

Major, major, major stash enhancement. *swoons*

Went to visit my parents this weekend (and my orthodontist and oral surgeon...surgery date set for 21 December!) and went to AC Moore, Michaels, and my grandfather's house to retrieve YARNS!!


First the yarn I bought--from AC Moore, two skeins of Classic Wool in a sort of rusty brown to make slippers for my Dad, a skein of TLC luster in blue for my aunt's socks (broadripple) and some needles. I heart AC Moore.

Then, Michaels, who is frantically putting stuff on sale to compete with AC Moore. Gotta love capitalism! I bought a bunch of homespun in various shades of green to make a small lap blanket for my grandfather, two skeins of microspun in bright orange and lime green which will become my aunt's 'parrothead' socks. And my mommy bought me two skeins of purple homespun to work on a comfy sweater. The kind you just want to curl up into when you don't care about looking cute, but want to be cuddly.


I took most of the yarn left at my grandfather's house while I was there. My grandmother had some stashed away when she died, and since I am the only knitter, it is mine.

A trash bag and small tupperware container full of yarn. Mostly scary 70s K-Mart yarn, back from when good yarn required traveling long distances and paying lots of money. Some in some fugly seventies colors. But I'll use a lot of it for charity, and really, do animal shelter kittens and puppies care if their blanket is fugly gold? No. Not really.

Also, a lot of ends from baby yarn since she used to make preemie hats (started when I was born and they realized nothing fit me) for the hospital. Which I'll use to make multicolor baby hats or buy some baby yarn and use this stuff as accent stripes.

Knitting Progress

Got some progress made on Zeeby's bag. One side and the bottom strap are finished, and the other side is started. Must get this to my Mom soon.

Also, started on the lap blanket for my grandfather's Christmas/Hannukah/Birthday gift. It's birthday, though his birthday was in June (he turned 85) because a blanket is large enough I count it for holidays and birthday. Also, I'm running out of ideas of stuff for him. And it's Christmas/Hannukah because I'm converting and thus will be celebrating Hannukah--also, I will be seriously doped up on vicodin come Christmas, so I may be giving out gifts on Hannukah anyhow, as I will still be coherent enough to do so.

No progress on Haiku, as my parents get seriously wierded out by me knitting a baby sweater, and it's not good to scare the people who have the Visa.

Ciao, all!


The Bag Won't Die

Made some small amount of progress on Zeeby's bag while I was in the hospital waiting for x-ray. I know my Mom really wants it, but oh my god it will not fucking die.

This is the bag of no end, I kid you not. 39" of garter stitch, plus another side, a pocket, and two long-ass straps. *sobs*

I also got a bit more done on Haiku which is zipping along very quickly and quickly leading me to develop a love affair with knitting baby items. I'm already through the first side and am starting the back, just after the back neck bindoff.

It's a little busy, what with the varigated yarn, but still adorable.

Must continue to knit evil!purse. Die, purse, die.