Don't be fooled by Fred looking all innocent. Just like his Weasley namesake, he likes to cause TROUBLE! But he's very sweet and loves to curl right up next to you and sleep.  Posted by Hello

Padma is a very sweet and cute kitten. She is sort of timid if you reach to pet her too fast, but she'll purr as soon as you touch her.  Posted by Hello


No, that's MY yarn

So, I cast on yesterday for mini waffle knit socks with my lovely soft purple microspun (I WILL beat this yarn).

I got through the ribbing, four rows into the pattern, and realized I had somehow dropped a stitch and ended up ripping out the entire thing.


I was aided in this endeavor by my new foster kitten! Yes, I am now the proud foster mama to two kittens, Fred and Padma.

Fred loves yarn. He really really really loves yarn.

Especially yarn attatched to my needles.

But he's so cute I can't get overly mad at him. I just have to remember to put my yarn away before I go to work.

I don't think I'm gonna want to give the kittens back....



I think I am abandoning the purple microspun glove.

Why, you ask? (Or not, since I really have no idea if anyone actually reads this....if you do, comment! Plug me to your friends! Throw knitting needles at me! Something!)

Well, here's why.

1. Microspun splits like a bitch. And while I love the softenss, I think having it in gloves would just snag on everything. I'm thinking it may be better suited to a nice pair of socks to wear around the house.

2. I can't seem to figure out why, but there are gaps in between the fingers no matter what I do. I don't know if the yarn is stretching, if I'm not picking up stitches correctly, or what. But, yeah, gaps, and that doesn't make for warm gloves.

and finally,

3. I don't like the design. I based it off the design your own gloves from the Winter Interweave Knits, and while I've learned a lot about gloves from it...I don't much like it. There's no ribbing on the cuff, which I think would make for a drafty glove. And no thumb gusset.

I feel rather dumb for getting this far and abandoning it, but I really think the microspun would work better in another project. And at this point I am leaning towards socks. Because they would be warm and fuzzy to wear. And I like warm and fuzzy.

Now, to find a good sock pattern....


Close-up of the cable, with the color WAAAY off Posted by Hello

Fat Hat for Andrea's Birthday Posted by Hello


Finished! The Fat Hat from Hip To Knit, knitted with 3 strands of Wool-Ease held together, in Colonial Blue.

It's for my friends' birthday, and hopefully there will be pictures of her wearing it once I give it to her.

It knitted up super fast, and looks so cute!


Lots of knitting in public yesterday. On the Metro, in Dupont Circle, in Cosi (the manager looked rather ticked off).

I finished the middle finger on my glove but messed up the top, have to undo and fix it. GRRRR. No more knitting when I am about to pass out! I also am almost done with Andrea's hat, I have just a teeny bit left to do and it is uber cute.

I was sitting in Cosi, reading my Interweave Knits with the glove pattern and just drooling over stuff.

My problem is that I like the complicated looking stuff--I want to try an aran sort of sweater and I want to try some fair isle stuff, but I don't know about wearing it. I'm afraid it's too bulky or busy and would just swallow me whole.

Like, the Bed and Breakfast sweater in the magazine. I think it looks cute. But it's got lots of ribbing and cables. And I'm a very small person--102 lbs, wears a size 1, barely 34B sort of small person--and I'm afraid a sweater like that would just sort of overwhelm me and I'd look like a little girl playing dress up.

So I end up doing patterns that involve lots and lots of stockinette in one color because I know they'll look okay on me.




I did frog the glove. Meh. Stupid microspun.

I started a new project (for which I had to buy new yarn!) for my friend's birthday. It's the Fat Hat from Hip to Knit. I couldn't find any super chunky yarn, so I bought Wool-Ease and am knitting three strands held together. It's a very pretty blue, and once it is finished I shall post pictures.

I feel like there should be room for more cable repeats, but it doesn't look like it. Hmm. I may make it slightly bigger lenght-wise, I don't know. We'll see.

I just hope it works out and it fits her.

If it does, I may have to back and get some purple yarn and make the variation with the gathered top. Cause it's cute and fast and fun!

And now I'm going to stagger off to bed. Because I feel all light headed and dizzy and I can't eat and I've lost fifteen pounds in a semester. And I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow and I'm going to plant myself in his office until they figure out answers or tests to give or SOMETHING.


Picking Up Stitches

I'm an updating fiend lately, aren't I? I have no energy now to do anything other than sit at the comp or sit and knit, so that's probably got a lot to do with it.

Last night I accomplished more on the Zeeby's bag, which is boring me to tears. The 39" of garter stitch..*sob*. And all in one color. Blah. But it's for my Mom and she likes the bag, so there ya go.

I also worked on my glove. I didn't pick up stitches well, and there is a gap between the fingers. I've just started the middle finger, fyi. I am trying to figure out if I want to frog it and start over.

I know I SHOULD, but it's such a pain...especially since microspun splits like a bitch.

The glove is good practice though, since I'm already contemplating Christmas/birthday knitting. It's way early, I know, but almost everyone in my family was born in winter, so it all comes up at once, and I'm taking orgo next semester, so studying shall be a very important part of my life.

I think I'm going to do gloves for my Dad and maybe some golf club covers. And socks for my aunt, and a scarf for my other aunt and one for my uncle (lace for the aunt, alien illusion for the uncle) and a sweater for my Mom. I don't know what to do for my grandfather....he's the one that gets me. Arg.

I think I am going to frog the glove because if I spend all this time making it and then can't wear it, I'll be royally pissed.

Already the name of my blog is appropriate. Heh.

For those who don't know (probably most of the universe) overhaul is the part of firefighting where they go in and make absolutely sure the fire is out and try to figure out what happened and make sure there are no hot spots or anything. I called my blog Knitting Overhaul, because looking for problems and trying to figure out what the hell went one is probably at least fifty percent of my knitting.

I don't suppose I had to frog my glove is a reason to call into work, huh....? Blast it all.


Pretty Knitted Things Posted by Hello

Finished Object

I just got the photos of my finished object from a few months ago, from the lovely Christina who has a blog I will link too...as soon as I figure out how to do that.

It's the ChicKami and I used this Egyptian cotton yarn by King Tut and it was most fabulous. And very pink. :)

The background of the picture is purple courtesy of Paint, because some dude was walking behind me when the picture was taken. And since he wasn't hot or anything, I edited him out. :)

But, yes, it is a finished object, and I am proud.

The Steph Posted by Hello


Well, this is my first post on my brand new blog!

This blog is intended to be a place for me to ramble about my knitting. It's also hopefully going to encourage me to knit more (omg! haven't posted! must knit!) instead of sitting here on the computer going, y'know, I think I've run out of internet.

What to say--my name is Steph, I'm a knitter, a writer, a college student, an intern, a volunteer EMT, and just a really random crazy girl. I live in the DC area.

Currently on the needles: Grecian Plait, from Knitty and Zeeby's bag from SnB (for my Mom's birthday....in May....so it's a bit late). Also a glove, designed using a pattern from....some magazine and knit in Lion Brand microspun in purple. Will take and post photos soonish.

So...that's my intro, and I have to go get ready for work now (my boss knits, how cool).