So, I started a completely useless project this weekend.

I have this random skein of baby yarn--no idea why, I assume I bought it for some reason or it's one I inherited from my Nanna, I have no idea which--and it's just been sitting around for a while.

So, after literally tripping over it for the tenth time, I decided it needed a better purpose than getting dragged across the floor by Padma. Who apparently thought that the baby yarn must die.

Thus I began Haiku from Knitty. It's ubercute and I've been totally girly with the knitting it--aww, look at the cute baby sweater!!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with Haiku when I am finished--give it to charity, perhaps, or hang on to it with the theory that eventually people I know will reproduce and I might need an emergency baby gift.

*pets Haiku* SO MUCH cuter than my organic chemistry homework.


Padma says, "Chemistry? On SATURDAY? WHY?"


Version two, significantly less blurry.

Version one, slightly blurry.

Geeks + Knitting

Today I'll be posting photos of the two variations on Fibonacci stripes I am debating.

That's whats happens when geeks are knitters! :)

In good news, my chem exam was pushed back to Wednesday, presumably due to the fact that half the stuff on it had yet to be covered--he just said, read it in the book.

Um, yeah. If I could learn organic chemistry just from a book, I'd be....much smarter than I actually am.

Stayed home sick yesterday, but couldn't even get much knitting done. Which I'm not real happy about, but oh well.

Now, I'm off to get ready for chemistry lab.

Ciao, all!


Knitting is NOT Organic Chemistry

So why am I knitting when I have an exam on Monday??

Pictures below of the oh so pretty Noro dropstitch scarf.

I've noticed myself apologizing for the scarf...and I've decided to stop. Yes, in some ways a scarf is a 'beginner' project. But that doesn't mean it's just for beginners.

I don't knit because it's complicated. I knit because I like to, because I like to create things, because I like to be artistic.

One of the things I learned in art classes over the years, is that sometimes you have to let go and allow the project to direct you. I saw this yarn on clearance it was gorgeous, and there were three colorways that reminded me of myself and two of my friends. So I bought it.

I decided on a scarf because it was afordable, and because it suited the yarn well. I love the way this looks as a scarf. It's a cute, dresy little accessory. It's fun. Just because it's not hard, it doesn't make it less appealing.

Not to mention, while I enjoy the hard knitting, sometimes I just want to chill. If I'm knitting on the metro, or in between classes, or while watching the four hours of Sunday morning political shows. I am concentrating more on other things--sometimes I don't WANT to think any more.

In other knitting achievements, I also swatched two versions of a stripe pattern for my Dad's gloves. Not in the yarn or colors I will use, but just to see. Both are based on the Fibonacci sequence, and I'll post pictures later, while I figure which I like best.

Ciao, all!

More Scarfness

Close up of the scarf, with more accurate colors

Finished Object!

Drop Stitch Scarf (with speech I should be watching in the background)



Finished object from last night--a drop stitch scarf.

I feel like such a newbie, being all look, I finished a scarf!

Normally I'm not a scarf kind of girl, but I found this lovely ribbon yarn from Noro, and it just begged to be a drop stitch scarf. It was on clearance, too, and I bought it in three colorways, to make scarves for myself and two of my best friends. I even have extra, as it turns out it only takes one skein instead of the two I had anticipated (I made the scarf super skinny, but I like it that way).

No pictures yet, as I am still trapped in Comsuck...er, Compaq hell. But as soon as I have a way to post photos, I will.

The scarf is fun, rainbowy colors--pink, purple, tan, green--and I can't wait to wear it.


Yarn, yarn, everywhere!

The Knit Out on the Mall was fabulous.

I met up with Mary (who is, sadly, knitblogless), and a few friends of hers. One of whom we taught how to knit.

I attempted to learn Continental, as I want to do colorwork...also, they were giving out Bamboo needles, so yeah. :) *pets nice needles*

I also got some progress done on the drop stitch scarf that has been languishing in my stash, as well as the Princess Snowball cat bed I'm working on.

I'm vaguely contemplating ripping out the Princess Snowball in favor of doing Kitty Pi by Wendy. I don't really know. I can still return some of the fun fur. Decisions, decisions!

It was tons of fun to see all the knitters, although I have a sunburn on my face from knitting in the sun.

I liked a few things from the fashion show--the red tank and silver tank upcoming in..Vogue, I think? But the large amount of fun fur and ponchos and, even worse, armwarmers frightened me.

I just don't get the poncho thing. I really don't. Especially when said poncho is striped with fur. And paired with armwarmers. *shudder*


Funny, I don't remember my yarn being so furry..

It's funny how often I look in my knitting basket and see not yarn, but the tail end of a kitten.

I keep telling Fred that isn't HIS Princess Snowball Cat Bed I'm working on, but he doesn't listen. It's not his though, it's for one of my cats at my parents house.

Pink would clash with his fur anyway.

Not much knitting done.

Lots of wallowing in the 7th circle of Hell--aka Compaq customer service. And lots of refurbishing an old beat up computer so that I may have some small prayer of passing classes while Compaq fucks up one more time.

Three days. About ten phone calls. They still can't get there shit together to get a computer to where it needs to be to get fixed. And when something goes wrong, they proceed to tell you that the only option is to repeat the whole process over again.

I am now cowering from the giant amount of work I need to do. It's really terrifying and...yes, terrifying.


Even the knitting isn't making me smile.


Yarn is fun to play with.

I did manage to knit a bit yesterday, the ribbing for my design, Sexier Than Your Average Aran.

I know probably one's first garmet design should be easier than an aran...but whatever. I never do things the easy way.

Case in point--I am probably dropping baby math in order to eventually take calc. Why? I have to have math to graduate. Math 9 seemed easy. I figure, no sweat.

Well...not so much.

Turns out, this guy doesn't use a book. He doesn't give practice problems. Well, he gave like, two, but he won't post the answers.

I asked him, where was it in the book? He said, it wasn't. I asked if there was another book he could recommend that I could look in. He said, no, just you have to come to class and take notes.

Thing is--I do. But if I don't practice problems, I freeze on a test. I panic. I can't write anything. And that happened in chem and physics, and I realize it and am trying to work on it, even though it means I may study more than some people.

But he won't give any help. I was so upset, by the prospect of failing EASY math, that I had a massive panic attack. And I don't know WHEN I would take a math class. I have one elective spot left, but I'm not giving it up, because that was my reward for next fall--one class I could pick whatever I wanted. For my last semester.

I don't know about dropping it, but I couldn't do anythign in my other classes, I felt so stupid and upset I just wanted to hide under my desk.

So, there was more crying than knitting.

Perhaps today I shall get some knitting done....

Again, I shall be really pissed if I fail easy math--I just did the algebra to design a freakin' sweater. An aran sweater no less. So obviously it's not that I am completely stupid.

Bah. I didn't want to go to grad school or med school anyway.


The Good, the Bad, the Completely Terrifying

The Good

I began swatching a few days ago for my idea for a cute aran sweater. I don't like many published aran pattenrs because 1)they are just a tad TOO bulky, 2) they are completely shapeless and 3)the smallest size is a 38" bust, which leaves me 6" of ease and makes me look like a kid playing dress up.

So, I began work on my design "Sexier Than Your Average Aran" and last night I worked out a good bit of the algebra, and began to knit on the front. Which I am doing before the back, because the back is fairly simple (no cable) and if I completely screw up the front, I can figure it out before I do that.

I also began a Princess Snowball Cat Bed, made a acrylic keyboard duster, and a catnip stuffed mouse for my kittens.

The Bad

Car is back in shop. Now it won't start if it's warm, and leaves me stranded.

I don't think the mechanic dude is listening to me, because he's treating it like it never starts, which isn't true. It starts cold (like, not driven for a day) but not warm, and I'm afraid they are just going to stick another new starter in and not test it by driving it around and THEN starting it, and I am going to get stranded again.

The Completely Terrifying

Last night I turned ABC news in DC, and what should I see but my hometown, in NC! I looked up to see what I think was some people I know paddling across what USED to be a main road and is now, apparently, an extension of the French Broad River.

A friend of mine tells me that the French Broad is 10 ft above normal and 6 ft above flood level.

My parents are, thankfully, ok, as are my aunt and grandfather. And all animals. And I know my best friends family is okay, because they live on the side of a mountain, and if their house floods, I'm building an ark and renaming myself Noah.

No one has any water though, and it looks like a mess, and its driving me crazy that my car is in the shop because I want nothing more than to jump in it, head home, and help out. And make sure no on I know got flooded out.


Knitting...Knitting...What's That?


I haven't done any lately . I know, oops.

I started a cable panel two different times, but kept being dissatisfied with it. It was late at night and I'd loose my place, or I just didn't like it...

I had been debating ripping out the last start, but Padma decided for me when I caught her trotting across the floor with the skein of yucky acrylic clutched in her mouth (it's as big as she is!), knitting unraveling behind her.

She's a strange one, my Padma. She appears to have much love for the acrylic. She likes to suck on it, which is very gross when you don't realize she has done it, and suddenly run across this soggy, thin, lifeless section of yarn.

Perhaps today I shall start some acrylic cat toys so they will leave my yarn alone.


This semester I am taking organic chem, mathematical ideas, psychology of attitudes and public opinion, media politics and government, and information media and national security. And weight training.


Still not here. The mechanics got it back from the transmission place, the transmission stopped making funky noises (the new transmission, that is) but now the engine is missing (my dad says that means a spark plug misfiring or something) and the AC doesn't work. So they are looking at that.

It's been over a week past when it was supposed to be done, and they've created more problems than they've solved, and I am only paying what he quoted me. I'm not going to pay for their mistakes.