The End is Near

Sorry for the wierd double post deal. The first day, it kept loading and loading but wouldn't post or shut down...so I figured that blogger ate my post. Turns out, I was wrong!

Zeeby's bag from SnB is ALMOST done. I have a strap and a half left to do, then I just need to sew it together. And it's only half a year late! (Sorry, Mom.)

I'm about to run out of yarn though, which means an emergency trip for some more Lamb's Pride. *looks sheepish* Heh. Sheepish. Pun. Um, anyway, yeah, the two skeins of MC I think is going to be not quite enough. Gah.

Mostly, it will be used as a strap, and to sew together, so I'm not overly concerned about dye lots, I'm just not sure where to find Lamb's Pride in this area, and I'd really like to have this all done and wrapped up to give to my Mom as soon as I get home on Sunday. Otherwise, I can buy the extra yarn at home on Monday and then give it to her before I leave on Tuesday.

I've made progress on Broadripple, too, am through the gusset and into the toe. YAY! I've signed up for netflix, in order to facilitate the knitting. I shall have DVDs to watch, and doctors appointments to wait for, and much knitting shall be accomplished. And Christmas/Channukah/Winter Solstice shall be good this year. It shall, it shall.

Pictures will be coming soon.


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